for the cLove of Garlic

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Seafood paella is one of the recipes I always make when friends/family come to visit, or for special occasions, or just for a special date night… any excuse we can find, we make it. Right now, it is probably my favorite recipe, even trumping my dad’s chicken parm, which is really saying something.

I know that I promised yummy seafood paella this week… but there weren’t any sales on seafood. And we know how much I like sales.  And while the formal title of this recipe is “Roasted Vegetable Enchilada,” it should be called “Mexican Lasagna.”  With corn tortillas as noodles and salsa as the sauce plus a whole lot of delicious veggies and cheese layered to perfection, how can you not compare it to one of my favorite Italian dishes!? Also like lasagna, it magically gets better the longer it sits. Hurray for yummy leftovers!